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are designed to tackle particular subjects from somewhat different prespectives.   We share ideas, knowledge and techniques developed by some of the world's leading minds, drawing on psychological theories, age old principles of strategy, persuasion and communication tools.  

This real  "training" – NOT 'lecturing' – This is training that is designed to be effective in the workplace.   This is a real Armoury of unusual knowledge and skills!

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Who should attend?

Stealthy Guerilla Tactics

This is for the not-so-large organizations with not-so-large budgets determined to take on the bigger boys and to advance into the territory that is controlled by the market leaders. Startups and companies with less than a 5-person complement will especially benefit from this unusual programme.

This is for Entrepreneurs and Managers who aren't afraid to cross the Alps on elephants, for those who favour unconventional wisdom over the usual, boring, heavy-worded lectures that would make them feel like they were back in school.

Training Goal

Upon completion of this programme, you should be able to compete well and even gain advantage over market leaders by changing the battlefield, reinventing the rules of the game, altering your strategy, your tactics and, more importantly, your thinking.


By the end of this training, participants should be able to:

  • recognize the 'advantages' and 'disadvantages' associated with a company's size in the marketplace and, therefore, be able to make better choices in terms of own STRATEGY;

  • project a bigger and better 'image' of your organization, creating a perception of their company as a major (or bigger) player;

  • maximize on their contacts to increase their 'span of expertise' in order to reach where they could not have reached on their own;

  • exploit their competition's weaknesses while protecting their own limitations, learning important lessons from Military successes and strategic disasters.

  • create new value for their company by 'replicating' qualities, actions, or processes that are working for different organizations ... that are not even in their same market.


Programmes are conducted either in Maltese, or in English, with overlaps (depending on the preference of participants).


Discussion; Powerpoint presentations; Groupwork; Assignments.


Course Notes will be provided either in hard copy or other formats.

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G1601   Stealthy Guerilla Tactics for smaller companies

G1602   Getting even More from What you Already Have

G1603   Sharpening you Interpersonal Skills for Added Value

G1604   The Executive Brotherhood advanced skills

G1605   Selling ... from the inside out - Your 'Mind' foot first

G1606   Cargo Logistics - for the forwarder and supply-chain officer

G1607   Assertiveness & Leadership Skills

G1608   Confidence - to do what you need to do

Some of the listed Programmes may be undergoing
development or updating from time to time.

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