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are designed to tackle particular subjects from somewhat different prespectives.   We share ideas, knowledge and techniques developed by some of the world's leading minds, drawing on psychological theories, age old principles of strategy, persuasion and communication tools.  

This real  "training" – NOT 'lecturing' – This is training that is designed to be effective in the workplace.   This is a real Armoury of unusual knowledge and skills!

   Training Programme Details


Who should attend?

Sharpening you Interpersonal Skills for Added Value

Anyone who is involved in workplace communication; both verbal and written.

Training Goal

By the end of this programme, participants will have a better understanding of what their company stands for, their role and value in the organization, learning ways to get ahead by aligning themselves and their personal goals to the company's culture and goals.

Trainees will understand what happens during every communication process, learning ways to get better results in different situations, how to come across in the way(s) they desire, putting theory into practice as we cover verbal and non-verbal tricks, and special communication techniques that are valid anywhere; from the warehouse to the boardroom, from the shopfloor to a sales call, both verbally and in writing.


By the end of this Course, participants should be able to:

  • find out what their company's Mission (or purpose) is, and how it plans to project itself in the market;

  • ascertain what the company expects from them (their role, their job description);

  • perform 'reverse job appraisals' where formal appraisals are not a part of the firm's procedures, in order to find out what their superiors' opinions are regarding the 'official' and 'unofficial' qualities that make a good team player, or ideal employee;

  • evaluate themselves as part of their company's public voice;

  • generate ideas on how improvements may be made to facilitate the workings of their organization;

  • offer suggestions on how employee loyalty can be enhanced and their wellbeing improved;

  • understand the principles of communication, whether during a deliberate (conscious) or non-deliberate (subconscious) communication, both in verbal or non-verbal scenarios;

  • predict the outcome of an intereaction by reading as well as creating the body-language behind the spoken word;

  • build and break 'rapport' at will, depending on what is required, and on the situation;

  • deal with difficult people, and handle complaints, without losing their calm and seek to turn a bad situation into a neutral or a positive one;

  • impart 'negative' news without making it worse;

  • use 4 'special words' to your advantage in any conversation;

  • come across clearer and with added emphasis by using specific words and non-verbal marking;

  • make proper use of questions and statements - depending on the context and the nature of the verbal transaction;


Programmes are conducted either in Maltese, or in English, with overlaps (depending on the preference of participants).


Powerpoint presentations; Groupwork and Discussions; Role-plays; visual material; Individual Written Exercises; Brainstorming.


Course Notes are provided in printed and/or electronic formats.
Written Exercise Sheets; printed or downloadable.
Further references via email or online.

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Some of the listed Programmes may be undergoing
development or updating from time to time.

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