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What is different about
the Gladiator approach?

We infuse in our participants the Winners' Attitude.

The training is very direct, very practical and, besides an arsenal of important skills, it teaches strategy; passed down to us through the ages by renowned statesmen, military strategists, warriors and business leaders.   Participants will find it useful, effective and fun too.

Miyamoto Mushashi
Napoleon Bonaparte
Mark McCormack
Marcus Aurelius
Sun Tzu
Rich. Branson
Golda Meir
Bruce Lee
Wendy Flynn
Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt
Margaret Thatcher
Coco Chanel

Attendees actively participate in this empowering experience; feeling more valid and enthusiastic to put theory into action as the training objectives are reached.

So what defines
Gladiator Training?

This Training is completely non-academic and provides genuinely effective communication tips, tricks and skills.     But there's MORE to it ...           simply hover your 'mouse' over the   coloured italics   below

Some of these skills that participants learn at the Gladiator training sessions are also taught by globally renowned trainers and coaches.  

Other techniques and linguistic tools were developed by clinical hypnotherapists.   So there is science behind these techniques, but there is also an element of art because you learn how to drive the communication in the direction that brings most results.

To say the least, you learn how 'not' to allow others to manipulate you!  

It's like with any other combat skill.  You don't have to go around hurting people, but you become very capable of defending yourself against their outright (or underhand) tactics, including the kind of covert offensive you might not have recognized in the past.

Participants are introduced to a treasure chest of uncommon information at varying levels.

At Gladiator training sessions, some of the course content is not available elsewhere.  These tools were developed during many years of personal field experience—in the workplace—where selling, convincing, managing, motivating, negotiating and communication actually happen.

  • You will learn how 'certain words' can compel action, while others
    will drive a point home.   Which words?

  • You will learn how to create a sense of confidence in your listener,
    or, alternatively a sense of doubt to gain advantage.

  • You will learn how to give 'bad news' in a way that it does not beg
    for complaints.

  • You will learn how to solicit compliments from your customers,
    and how to turn a good customer experience into leads.

Our pragmatic approach ensures that participants will combine the knowledge and the theory that they learn with practice, so that you are able to be effective immediately.    

The Gladiator's true test is in the arena.  

The training camp was very important to prepare the gladiator for mortal combat, but it was inside the Arena—bearing bodily and mental armour, weapons in hand and displaying one's sharp combat skills—that life or death was decided.  

For the gladiator, fighting was not a sport.  Neither should business be for you  if you want to survive, and thrive.

To cite an ancient Roman saying, "Si vis pacem, para bellum."   If you wish for peace, be prepared for war.   So prepare yourself today to succeed further in your career.

Are you a Manager  or  an interested participant?

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But what if you might not be the assertive type?
Can this Training make you the best you can be?

We each learn according to our (individual) preferred learning style(s) and personality, so Gladiator Training uses different methodologies, helping you to relate to your own job and life experiences.

Gladiator Training is suitable (no, we would dare say it is probably essential ) for everyone who wants to become stronger in the workplace.  It is designed to empower you and build beliefs that yield results, also thanks to the Coaching methods used during these Training Sessions.

Every cent  invested is by far regained in the participants' personal development and sharpened performance reflected in the company's bottom line and the individual's career advancement.

Nowadays, we all need to be skillful fighers—in the positive sense, of course—to win our commercial battles ... to produce better products or services, to win better clients, to win more business, win more market share, because commerce (which is our livelihood) is becoming tougher and the game is getting dirtier out there.

So, borrowing an ancient Roman saying, we proclaim that:   The gods are on the side of those who are stronger!


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